February 4, 2010

I outed myself today on Facebook… you know the little info blurb that sits under your profile picture… I typed the words, “I am bipolar.”

I am bipolar.

I wonder if I’ve really owned this fact? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t feel as educated as I should be. I don’t feel as proactive as I should be – about taking care of myself. Let me be real: I’m not a proactive person.

I guess – in a very small way – this is me taking a step in the right direction – this blog I mean.  I wanted to start blogging about my life and my mental illness over a year ago.

Today, I start.



  1. Congrats to you for “coming out” about being bipolar. That’s a good thing. You need to be self-aware. One suggestion: don’t DEFINE yourself by that title, and don’t over analyze it. I have found that it’s helpful to know the root cause of some of my behavior, so that I can better understand what’s happening and know how to deal with it better the next time. There is a lot of information out there. But don’t be shy about adding your voice and your experience to it. You will learn form others and others will learn from you. While being bipolar is a challenge, it also makes you a more interesting human being. At least I think so. Be well, Marco http://bipolarized.wordpress.com

  2. Marco,

    Thank you so much for your comment. I guess I’m really out there in cyberspace now… it’s a weird feeling. I look forward to reading (more of) your blog.


  3. I stumbled upon your blog today (through fb). I’m so proud of you…I’m speechless as well. I look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you even better.

    Mary Ann

    • Thanks, Mary Ann. I’ve now posted a link to your website, M.

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