February 5, 2010

As I was reading Living Bipolar, I noticed the tags in my peripheral vision… Suicide caught my attention.

I guess to some that is a scary word. If I think long and hard enough, it’s scary to me too… sometimes.

The idea of suicide is very enticing to me at times. It’s comforting to fantasize about. Well, really, what comforts me is thinking about it being over… the suffering, the sadness, the hopelessness, the fear. Suicide is the only way, I know of, to make it all stop. And then I would be able to rest.

In actuality, I’m terrified of taking action. I thank God for that, truly.


One comment

  1. It’s great that you have a God to raise you up. But you are right, suicide is the only way to really end it. It’s easy. But for now if you can get through life by just thinking about suicide, than good for you.

    Their is nothing scary about death. When you consider all the terror that goes on everyday to some people, death seeems like a very good thing. Think of all the little girls who are getting raped right this second, think of all the people with terminal illnesses that put them through agony every second, really is death so bad? You just fear it because it is the unknown. But hun, living is far more of a mystery. You never know what tomorrow will bring, or what new horrors the future will bring your way.

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