Fat, Fatty, McFatterson

February 19, 2010

It’s after midnight, and I just scarfed down two slices of pizza and washed it down with a Coke… sigh.

I had a thought earlier today. What if I inventory what I eat in my blog? It’ll make me more self-aware. Blah, blah, blah. No one cares about what I eat!

I should care, though. I’ve got to make some changes. I’ve got a freakin’ reunion to go to in about six months.

I’ve already envisioned getting up early to go to Shipley Do-Nuts… or Starbucks.



  1. That takes a whole heck of a lot of courage to monitor what you eat through your blog. I admire you for even considering it! I think I tend to emotionally eat sometimes, and keeping track of when that happens would probably be very good for me. But I don’t have the courage to do it. Or even consider it! Major kudos!

  2. Yeah – I definitely couldn’t do as much. I would be ashamed before I was able to even lift a finger to type!

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